Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Second Thanksgiving

Call me crazy, but I love to roast a turkey and cook all the sides that go with it. Thanksgiving day was spent with Jeff's family, so on Saturday we had our second Thanksgiving feast at home. We invited a friend to join us. My grandmother's platter, which must be over 100 years old, fits in nicely with our handmade dishes. I think the best part of the meal was enjoying it in our dining room, this is the first house that I have owned with a formal dining room!
In between the cooking I was waiting on customers in the gallery, and responding to questions from Etsy buyers. I am almost out of "in stock" piggy banks and it's getting close to the time that I won't be able to fill new orders for Christmas. I listed this little peach blossom piggy bank in the Etsy shop this morning. I have a feeling he won't last too long...


  1. We roast a second turkey when we go out for Thanksgiving dinner! I can't get along without those 'leftovers'!
    What a joy to be able to have a special dinner in your very own dining room.
    This is the first time in years that I have not had to get stuff ready for a sale. In spite of the antibiotics I have enjoyed the calm. I am totally rethinking the way I stock the sale for next year.
    Here's to busy wheels, busy potters!

  2. We had turkey thighs on the BBQ; I'll be right over. ha. why is he called peach blossom ? or is it she

    1. The glaze is called peach blossom.
      Turkey thighs on the grill sound great. I don't think I have seen turkey thighs around here, I will have to look. I prefer the dark meat on turkey, not as dry and more tasty.

  3. One can never have too much thanksgiving.


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