Monday, October 24, 2016

Prep Work

A fews weeks back I posted about using my small hand held extruder to make my piggy bank parts. I prefer putting a die on the pug mill and using it to extrude parts. It's much quicker and the lugs are a little chubbier with this die. The other night Jeff pugged clay and before he wrapped the pug mill up for the night, we made the piggy parts.

LOTS of piggy parts.

This is the smaller of the two pug mills in the studio. The large one is not de-airing and is still disassembled from the cleaning I gave it before the move to 505 E Main. Once we get our basement organized, I will put that one back into use. I actually don't mind that it's not de-airing. It's a work horse with a large hopper and I can process more clay in a shorter amount of time.

The holidays are right around the corner and I will be making many, many piggy banks. I keep the extrusions wrapped in plastic they will keep for quite a long time. Occasionally they may need a misting of water. After a week of making, trimming, and carving bowls, I am ready to switch to piggy bank assembly... so bring on the pig orders!


  1. Wishing you many piggy bank orders! I'm gearing up into soapmaking mode for the holidays, & just put a batch of Skin Bliss into the molds a few minutes ago. Gorgeous day!

  2. you are so organized you put me to shame, ha.

  3. Yes piggies! I wonder what it is that people find so appealing about piggy banks.


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