Monday, October 10, 2016

Taking A Second Look

I wasn't thrilled with a few bowls from the last firing. I would have preferred a lighter spray with the ash glaze. Jeff kept saying they were fine and beautiful. I decided to take some photographs and after looking at them in a different light, they began to grow on me.

Since we weren't going to the CCM show in Charlotte, I sanded and priced them and put them out in the gallery.

Believe it or not, we were fairly busy on Saturday, despite the steady rain from hurricane Matthew. I sold a few of these bowls over the weekend! 
Sometimes we are our own worst critic.


  1. they are beautiful to me, I know what you mean about being our own worst enemy, sometimes the piece I like the least is the one that sells first. Ha. wish we'd get some rain, we are in an extreme drought here.

  2. They are absolutely beautiful!


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