Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the 2nd semi-solo firing

so much to do and so little time... i flew home from maryland last night and went to bed way too late, even though i KNEW i had to be up at 6am to light the burners of the kiln. all of my work for the potters market is in this firing. i feel like this is some of the best work i have done so far and therefore have dubbed the '09 market my "coming out party". maybe i should where my "it's all about me" t-shirt and pajama bottoms to the event :-)

i was much more comfortable with this firing...jeff brown still guided me along the way but i was more comfortable with my instincts and could feel myself become "in tune" with what the kiln was telling me. we did a longer, heavier reduction this time so i know we will have better results!

it all went smoothly - no panic attacks like last time... done a little after 5:30 pm

this is my birthday present from jeff... i had been coveting this, heather gwinn, kitty luminary since it was unloaded from the wood kiln last month. heather makes the coolest face jugs and luminaries and i am so happy to have one in my home. and it's just in time for halloween.

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