Saturday, October 24, 2009

the final resting place...

i flew to maryland yesterday with john's ashes... his wish was for me to scatter them in assateague at the seashore. this place was very special to him. wild ponies roam the seashore. he spent many summer days here with his best friend cecil's family. we had plans to spend time here together... but john got sick, cancer took over the fairy tale life we were creating and we never came to assateague...
today we arrived in chincoteague, john's brother joe, sister-in-law cindy, cecil and his son nathan. we took a long walk along the secluded assateague beach... it was a beautifully warm fall day.

we walked together
and we walked alone.
we had time to contemplate on how john had touched our lives.

tomorrow i will send my zen cowboy on his way.
~love you forever


  1. That's a lovely thing you did, and I know it must have been terribly hard. The only way I've been able to deal with those I've lost is to remember the good times and appreciate that at least we got to share those.

    Doug (ARL)

  2. i treasure the last two months of our lives together...we knew they were limited and we lived in our own little caccoon. the world around us stopped. it is difficult to get back into that other world...i see it through different eyes now.
    ...and i don't always like what i see.


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