Tuesday, October 20, 2009

why i hate glazing

the month of october is crazy for me and i am stressed to the max. i am coordinating the potters market for the guild, need to get my kiln fired for that event, real estate is stressful (which means sales so SHOULD be a good thing) and i am flying to baltimore on friday for a family gathering in assateague to scatter john's ashes...a bittersweet gathering that i will post more on later but weighs heavy on my mind...really heavy and affects nearly every moment of my day.
but today was devoted to glazing...

...i wanted to start my studio time out right..so i enjoyed leftover stuffed shells and salad for lunch...after lunch i started glazing plates and that is when tragedy struck....

while glazing a plate the plate slipped off of the tongues and fell back into the pan...SPLASH...all over the studio floor...of course it was temmoku...a glaze with lots of iron. not only did the floor look like a murder happened but....
all the pots that were glazed nearby were covered with spatters of temmoku! not only mine but jeff brown's too. it is one thing to f'up your work but to do it to someone elses is tragic.
i had a total meltdown and cried hysterically...it wasn't just about the mess but about all the other aforementioned things going on in my life. i tearfully called jeff with the bad news. he calmed me down and told me what to do. i cleaned up the mess and then painstakingly scraped the glaze spots off all the pots. one more step that i really did not have time to do today!

the pictures above show why glazing isn't that simple for me...no i cant just dip things in one color and be happy...i have to do all these steps of glazing, waxing, dipping again, touching things up. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

but the day is over. i am home and enjoying homemade pizza and wine. (and still working on all the potters guild stuff).

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  1. I'm with you.. glazing is my least favorite chore as well! (however it does proceed the most rewarding aspect of pottery for me - the completed pot!) Sorry about the spill and the mess.. hope it wasn't too much trouble to clean up off the already glazed pots. Wishing you a better day tomorrow!


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