Tuesday, November 17, 2009

just tuesday...

...today was rather mundane. drove to the city (if you live in NH going to Nashua is going to the city!) got my hair trimmed and some other stuff done...stopped at the studio to cover some things up and pulled a spout on a pitcher before it was too late. guess my big news of the day is that i made lasagna AND scored another bottle of 1/2 price wine at the local grocer. every few months they have a half price sale of odds and ends. it is always fun to go through the basket of goodies...and not so goodies.

...and you know what...i liked having a "just tuesday"
it came right on time. i hope your day was "just tuesday" too.


  1. Nice goblet Meesh :)
    You had your hair done too? Wow, its like you and I have a psychic connection!
    I remember a Hillsboro neighbor of ours talking about the city once, and I assumed they meant Boston. No. Concord, NH!

  2. Yummy lasagna and wine from a beautiful goblet sounds like a perfect way to finish a “just Tuesday”. : )


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