Monday, January 4, 2010

the coffee tragedy

as i was drifting off to sleep last night i suddenly remembered what i forgot at the grocery store...COFFEE!
typically coffee at this house is hazelnut from Caffe Kilim in portsmouth but when we run out and can't get there we settle for grocery store coffee (either cafe bustelo or something from green mountain).
did we settle for tea this morning?... nope, couldn't do it. i don't mind tea but typically that's an afternoon drink for me. soooo i throw on some clothes and head down rte 4 to the mobil gas station/convenience store that also has a dunkin donuts store inside.
i really dislike (and i mean REALLY dislike) dunkin's. you know i am desperate when i go there. it's really too bad this town doesn't have a nice little coffee shop...

...but we made the best of it and poured our coffee from the yucky styrofoam cups into beautiful handmade mugs...and i treated myself to an everything bagel with LOTS of cream cheese.
...and how was YOUR coffee today?


  1. I had coffee on hand; though, I am running low. ;-)

    At least you got that caffeine fix for the day and the bagel looks yummy!

  2. Well, for me it's tea...must have my cuppa in the morning. But I am finding it difficult to find a good black brew...If anyone knows of anywhere that sells a brand called London Cuppa, please let me know. I bought some at TJ Max, of all places, and it is just my cup of tea!


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