Saturday, April 10, 2010

i better get off this computer and get moving...

i have a busy day ahead of me.  i am meeting molly at the studio at 11:00, i don't think i have seen her since john's memorial breakfast a year and half ago.  molly lost her husband to cancer shortly after john died.  molly and her husband paul made shoes together in deerfield.  they also had a gallery in bedford and they carried john's work.  it will be nice to catch up with her.
it is supposed to be my day off from real estate but this is the busy season so in the late afternoon i will head over to amherst to show the last home for sale at Summerfield of Amherst.  i have been selling for the developer there for over four years... from there i will head to the newest development in pepperell, ma to help a young couple choose the cabinets and flooring for their new home.
hopefully in between my visit with molly and afternoon real estate stuff, i will have time to finish some work in progress at the studio.
thought i should start a busy day off with a good breakfast...

one egg omelette sandwich with cheddar cheese and chili sauce... i find it interesting how when you start a new relationship you experience new things... like chili sauce!  the only chili sauce i have ever bought was some really hot asian stuff.  jeff brought this bottle to the house and i have decided that it is great on eggs.  i am now trying to think of other things i can put it on...any suggestions?
jeff, being from the south and all, has also got me eating collard greens, swiss chard, black eyed peas...


  1. HEY! I made that mug. And I knew Paul and Molly. I am sorry to hear he has passed. In 96 Muade did a weekend at their house and made shoes. I later showed work in their gallery. Funny, I have not met you Meesh, but shoot, we knew all the same people :)

  2. isn't it a small world? molly and paul were such a great couple... their shoes are fabulous. molly continues to make shoes as well as run a guest house on their property in deerfield (i live in the next town over) it was so good to see her today...there are not many people with whom i can share what i have been through...
    i think i need to take a road trip to ny to meet you and maude!

  3. and those collard greens are really good for you too, I was surprised at how many vitamins they have in them. I stared buying some spicy canned ones and they are really good, now I can't get enough of them.


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