Tuesday, April 13, 2010

coffee and scones

enjoying a slow to get going morning... slept until almost 9am.  when i did get up i decided it was time to bake a scone mix that had been in the cupboard.  i think i like scones a little bit sweeter than this mix but i added some fresh strawberries and they were good with my morning coffee.  perhaps next time i will make some from scratch... i really like blueberries in them.  when i lived in wilton, nh once a week i stopped at the local hippie coffee shop and treated myself to a blueberry scone (the best i have ever had!) and cappuccino... delicious.  that is the one thing lacking in northwood... a good coffee shop.

does anyone out there have a good recipe for scones that they would like to share?
time to get moving...clean the house then get to the studio to do some glazing...have a great day!

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