Wednesday, April 14, 2010

work in progress...

shallow bowls... or are they deep plates?

this one had a mucked up rim so i altered and textured it

rim with rope texture... i have had this bill van gilder rope texture tool for some time now and finally got around to using it

these bowls will get handles after trimming

handled bowls that i finished last weekend

it has been a crazy month... i am recovering from a nasty cold, i was selected for jury duty, a bunch of real estate closings coming up, trying really hard to get pots glazed and the kiln loaded.  i also made a huge life changing decision in the past few weeks but i will keep you guessing on that one for now :-).


  1. cool handles! i like the textures

  2. I like the mucked up rim of the bowl, if you hadn't of said anything I would never have known; I too like the handle on the last bowl, very nice texture.


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