Friday, May 7, 2010

"come on get happy!"

remember my last post said that jeff and i had an exciting morning? we have been trying to figure out how to move 1000 miles south and do it economically... we looked into lots of options and after reading potter linda starr's moving adventures on her blog and corresponding with her we made the decision to....

we are going to remove the seats and all the "school bus stuff" and use it to move us to north carolina.

my first thought was "can we paint it like the partridge family?!"

when we are done moving we will either:

A. turn it into a traveling studio
B. sell and recoup our moving expenses

...i still can't believe i am a bus owner :-)


  1. that is the most unique and totally awesome thing i've seen blogged yet!

  2. oh, we are having lots of fun with this whole idea!

  3. Wow, good to see you in the driver's seat, good luck with it all, any questions, just shoot us an email, perhaps when we bring our bus out from California, we can have dueling ceramic buses, ha ha!

  4. i haven't actually driven it yet... just sat in the drivers seat! monday the seats come out. Linda - we sooo appreciate ALL your helpful advice!!!! when we went back to the dealer we ended up buying a bluebird, GMC because it had lower mileage, seemed in better condition and handled better (jb drove it)..not as much head room as a Thomas though...AND i talked them down to $2800 :o).


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