Tuesday, May 25, 2010

family, friends, food & drink

sunday evening jeff and i invited family and friends over to the house for an evening of good cheer before we head south.  we had sooo much fun. we had a ton of food and now jeff and i can live off of the leftovers and not cook this week.  that is a good thing because yesterday i packed up most of the kitchen and there are only a few dishes left in the cabinets!

was so happy that there was pate leftover because i love it!  jeff thinks it's icky so i get to eat ALL of it

the amazing tom terrific made awesome dirty martinis for jen, harris and me. jeff and kurt did their usual sake ritual...

...and harris partook in that as well, i wonder how she was feeling the next day :o)
at the end of the night i was feeling sad about leaving my friends and family (especially danielle) in nh.  i have to remember that we will be coming back to visit as often as we can.
thank you to all who came... it was a special evening for jeff and me.


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