Sunday, June 13, 2010

the gypsy potters hit the road (again!)

we did it!  we left for seagrove, nc at 8pm on wednesday, arrived thursday afternoon, unloaded most of the bus, slept, unloaded the rest of the bus, hit the road again at 12:40 am saturday... and were snug in our nh beds by 1:00am sunday morning.
by noon on sunday jeff and i were in deerfield at al jaeger's unloading the nhpg wood kiln. it was a great afternoon.  we combined the unloading with a nh potters guild meeting.  after the meeting we had picnic/cookout with lots of awesome food.
we all were very pleased that founding member of the guild and Studio Potter magazine, Gerry Williams was able to attend.  Jane Kaufmann's husband took a group pic of everyone around the kiln.  I hope to get a copy of the photo for a future post.

this was one of my plates in the wood kiln that fell victim to someone else putting the wrong temperature clay into the kiln... it became a huge blob that dripped over the shelves and on to many pots, my plate wasn't the only victim.... (the low fire clay culprit shall remain anonymous).    there were lots of successful pots in the kiln and overall i was very happy with what i put in.

it's late and i am exhausted.  good nite y'all and stayed tuned for the next chapter of the gypsy potter bus adventure...


  1. wow, how many more trips do you have to make? Are you traveling at night because of the heat? Smart. glad you made it with no hitches.

  2. we are making a trip with the studio contents and kiln on monday. we are a little concerned with the weight of the kiln so we are trying to calculate that. we will come back in august and clear out some stuff that jeff has in storage. we need a break after these 3 trips!


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