Thursday, June 17, 2010


we hit the motherload.....
...of CATNIP!!!!

Al Jaeger gave us some catnip from his garden in deerfield.  i laid it out to dry in the studio while we were traveling to seagrove.  i spent an hour or so removing the stems and de-seeding it.  cats love fresh, organic catnip... it has a whole different look and smell to it.  my sister-in-law gi-gi is a catnip grower in alaska, matanuska thunderstruck, is the name of her company.  my cats have always gone nuts when she sends packages to them!

i think when we are settled i will get out my sewing machine and make some catnip mice... although sophie loves it when i sprinkle it on the floor and she can eat some and roll in it.

the catnip will be a reward for her after the trauma of staying with my parents for three weeks... she looks pretty traumatized, doesn't she?


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  2. Hi. I'm hoping you can help me with something regarding catnip. Would you happen to know if it's the leaves or the roots of the plant that cats love? :O

    When I was growing up, catnip grew like weeds in our backyard (or at least my older sister told me they were catnip) and I used to pull up a few to give to our cat. I gave the whole plant intact to our cat and she chewed on the roots and rub her face against it until she got high. Now I'm wondering if that was really catnip. :O

  3. Hi Susan,
    I imagine cats will like the whole plant. What is typically processed is the leaves & buds. My friend cut the nip he gave me from his plants, so I didn't have any roots. A lot of it had flowered already so I have lots of seeds that I am going to plant.

  4. wow, can i buy an ounce? are you sure that's legal?

  5. Hmm... I've never seen catnip flowers. The plants were all leaves when I pulled them out. Anyway, thanks, Michèle. :)

    You might run into trouble with the cat police if you're caught buying, Both Sides of Ben Marlan. Catnip is highly potent stuff. Hehe.


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