Sunday, September 5, 2010

happy to be in the 'grove and still thinking of what to do with all those apples!

jeff and i were sitting on the porch swing this morning enjoying the fabulous weather... he looked at me and said "i am so glad we are here in seagrove, we made the right decision to come here".
about an hour or so later a really nice couple from pennsylvania came in bought TWO of jeff's really BIG pots! one of them looked awesome in the gardens outside but the goal was for it to find a new home... yeah, we made the right decision to come here.

...and remember all those apples?  i am still thinking of ways to use them...

today's choice was apple brownies... we are having guests tomorrow and if they don't help us eat this it is going home with them!


  1. Make some applesauce, it's easy to do and tastes so good, no sugar or anything, just plain goodness. I once made it and left the skins on too.

  2. i made applesauce the other day... when i made it in NH i left the skins on and it gave the sauce a nice color. since i have a huge abundance of granny smith's i peeled them because they are green, and did add some sugar since they are so tart. neither one of us are big applesauce eaters... my mom said i could make pies and freeze them b4 baking...but i don't have lots of freezer space. i hate to see these apples go to waste! we have to rake the dops b4 we mow the lawn!


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