Tuesday, September 21, 2010

slip sliding away...

last week we bought 500 pounds of orange stone highwater clay... it fires to a nice toasty orangey/brown in reduction and it really looks great fired in a wood kiln.  this clay also works well with a variety of slip techniques.  since jeff mixed up that batch of slip yesterday i decided to have a little fun with it...

i have another large bowl to finish tomorrow along with some berry bowls... can't wait to get these fired.


  1. Those are beautiful; how do you achieve that leaf in there???

    The orange, pretty. So requires no glazing either?

    Talented, my lady!

  2. hey I was thinking of leaves too, those are really nice. did you use real leaves, it looks like it.

  3. I love that orangestone clay. So nice to throw with and it fires beautifully. Makes me wish I could fire ^10 just thinking about it! It is the time for leaves isn't it? When I was a studio assistant, it always seemed like everyone in the studio was putting leaves on things this time of year. They look so great on pottery, don't they!

  4. these are leaves from outside the gallery... this time i used a pony roller to get a better impression. i then brush the slip over the leaves and lift them off carefully with a needle tool when dry. after applying slip to the rim of the platter i rolled over it with a rope while it was still wet.
    i may not glaze the what goes into the wood firing but if i fire it in the gas kiln i plan to use my temple white glaze.
    tracey- i am LOVING highwater clays... never had access to them in new hampshire.

  5. Love the leaves! That orangestone clay is fantastic as well! Think they would ship it to Guam?


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