Wednesday, November 24, 2010

recovering from the celebration...

i have been an absent blogger the past few days... right after the celebration i came down with a stomach bug, therefore monday was a total loss.  here are a few pictures from the big show...

Jeff chatting with our booth neighbor, Eck McCanless of Dover Pottery

booth shot... jeff caught me texting my daughter

i sold the vase that had our flower arrangement in it... at least the buyer got to see how well Jeff's pitchers pour!

this covered oval came back to the gallery with us... it will get posted on etsy this week

a glance down the aisle on Sunday... on Saturday this aisle was jam packed with shoppers!

...back to work now.  we are COMPLETELY  rearranging our gallery today and putting up some white lights for the holidays.  we are open this weekend so if you are in the Seagrove area please stop in.


  1. That oval is wonderful, happy thanksgiving to you, Jeff and your families.

  2. Hello Michéle! Glad you two had a successful show! Your oval dish is beautiful!! You and Jeff have a wonderful Thanksgiving – hopefully you will have lots of people stop by and Christmas shop!


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