Sunday, January 16, 2011

asian cookin'... southern style

after our big grocery shopping excursion to greensboro on wednesday, we have been enjoying cooking up a storm.  jeff made a fabulous tofu stir fry with ingredients bought at Super G's, the giant asian market.

we usually have rice with stir fry but we opted for fresh udon noodles this time... we cracked open a good bottle of sake that we brought back with us from NH.

we are not usually big on prepared/packaged foods, but we couldn't resist buying some pork & veggie dumplings...

the beautiful table runner is from the Etsy shop of HowlingBaxter in Hawaii, a christmas present to me from jeff.
the Iris Minc platter was a perfect serving choice for the dumplings.  i wish you could see the detail in the picture... it has flower and dragon flies impressed into the surface.

don't you have a craving for asian food now?  hmmmm... i wonder if there are leftovers in the fridge...


  1. Wow, these photos need to be in a gourmet magazine, I am hungry just looking at the food and especially the pottery it's displayed in.

  2. that is one beautiful spread! My kind of meal :)


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