Tuesday, January 25, 2011


if you read my past post about how strongly i dislike making lidded pots, then it is quite obvious that i am not a teapot maker either.  teapots involve those darn lids as well as attaching a spout and handle.  i am ok with the handle part but i have never been happy with how my spouts turn out.  as a matter of fact when i was at my brother's house over new year's weekend i noticed that he had one of my very first teapots.  the only redeeming quality it had was that it was cute... cute in the context that is looked like it was made by an elementary school student!  of course he won't get rid of it and has it prominently displayed in his kitchen.
... i don't usually make new year resolutions but i suppose mine is to get over the whole anti-lid thing and get comfortable with it in 2011.  last night i threw a teapot body and the lid (i think it actually fits!).  tonight after finishing some porcelain tumblers i tackled the spout.
after three failed attempts and a near temper tantrum, jeff decided he should watch what i was doing and give some pointers.  i was amazed at my success after he told me what i needed to change...


here are two spouts that i kept and the teapot body is behind it... i am most likely going to use the spout on the right.

here is one of jeff's side handled teapots that i used to make a decision on my lid.  i will probably throw a similar style knob on my lid.

it's such a beauty... even with my clay finger prints all over it!  someday i will make teapots almost as beautiful as this one.


  1. I looooove teapots. Yours is gonna be a beauty. jeff's looks awesome alright!

  2. That's a good challenge for 2011 you spouts look great, I've said to myself one day I'll make two teapots in a row, but that day hasn't come yet. Ha. I've never used a side handled teapot before but looking at Jeff's I find myself angling my wrist to see how it would feel.

  3. The side handle teapot is designed to be a personal teapot for serving yourself...it pours toward you, not away from you. They are great for green tea when you're feeling poorly, and/or introspective, and private.

  4. As a permanent novice potter, I can relate to your comment about your earliest teapots. We keep one here because I liked the glaze. The thing couldn't pour in a rainstorm. If it could sing the lyric would be "I'm a little teapot short and stout, here is my handle here is...oh never mind, I'll just sit over here out of the way..." Love the work you do and bet the salt firing will really make these pots special!


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