Sunday, March 20, 2011

firing results

we unloaded the kiln today and overall were very happy with the results.  we had great reduction in all areas, which is a first for this kiln.  the firing was long - 14 hours.  the kiln seemed to stall at one point close to the end and then it took off... ^10 dropped in the back first and it wasn't too much later that it dropped in the front and i turned off the burners.  at that point we saw that 11 was down in the back.  we realized yesterday when we peeked in that 11 was also down in the front.  luckily the glazes we use are usually fine at higher temps.

i had mostly bowls in this firing, nothing too exciting... the blues were a special request and that glaze is pretty consistent.

jeff was a little disappointed in his reds... some were looking a little more like mauve... i love the textured  bottoms and rims on these salad plates of his.  i think he plans to re-fire them to see if they get redder.  not all the reds came out this way there were a few keepers.

we will be firing again very soon and will follow the same program for reduction but we are going to try going a little faster in the beginning so that we can hopefully shave off some time... and HOPEFULLY get the same results... except for the mauve because that is so 80's :-)


  1. super results from the first firing...Is that a copper red?

  2. jeff guided me through the firing... of course i told him the reason we had better reduction this time was because i close off the air on the burners 15 minutes longer than he told me too ;-)
    and yes it's a copper red.

  3. I like that mauve color, nice to have an unusual color, your plate came out great.

  4. I had pinks and mauves in my last firing- it will be interesting to see the re-fires!
    Love that square dish

  5. Great firing! Congratulations :) I like the red...I'll need to work on some of those.


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