Monday, April 18, 2011

Celebration of Spring 2011 - Day Two

gorgeous weather for day two of the studio tour!  we had a steady stream of visitors that kept us on our toes but it was definitely more of a tourist day than a collectors spending money kind of day.  never the less we did make some sales, had fun, and enjoyed the sunshine.  the yard looked great with all the flowers that are in bloom.

jeff's mom and brother john spent the afternoon with us... they even glazed a couple of pots for the firing.    i wish i had snapped some photos of them with their pots before they went home with them.

when the day was over and the crowd was gone, jeff and i looked at each other and said... let's do one more raku firing!  we still had pots left so why not do a firing without having to be the entertainment?

we had some great results... sadly the pot above had a crack in it.  
it shall join the other broken pots in the garden.

while we were firing the last round for the day our fellow co-op potter, Nelda French stopped by and the three of us enjoyed a couple of beers together before calling it a day.


  1. Looks like a perfect day to me! I fired my raku kiln all day on Friday, exhausting but fun!

  2. Look at those big beautiful pots, are you putting them in water?

  3. we do dip some of the pots on water when they come out of the cans... it sort of "freezes" the colors at that point. leaving them to cool on their own or in the cans gives different effects. so much fun to experiment!!

  4. Sounds like a fantastico day! wow - the pots came out beautifully


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