Saturday, April 16, 2011

Celebration of Spring Studio Tour & Kiln Openings

despite the high winds, rain and occasional thunderstorm, we still had a decent turn out for the studio tour today.  the weather made us change our plans slightly.  we are demonstrating raku firing and have bisqued pots available for customers to purchase, glaze and see the firing process.  our glazing station was supposed to be outside under an EZ up tent.  the wind was crazy and we decided instead to make space in the studio to glaze.  the weather didn't clear until mid-afternoon and we were able to get one firing in.  the wind was still blowing so we needed to be extra careful.

we are looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow and now it's time to kick back and have a beer :-)

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  1. What fun, those are some nice pots, wish I lived closer, hope you have perfect weather today.


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