Saturday, April 9, 2011

a new direction

i have been working on some slump molded plates/platters this week.  this is sort of new to me... john and i bought these wood forms while he was going through cancer treatments with the promise of him returning to work... two and one half years later and i am finally able to bring myself to use them.  they were still in the box they were shipped in.  

i incorporated some stamps i bought at the NCECA conference as well as some that were made by john. i am sure they will evolve as i work with them further.


  1. Those are great shapes, can't wait to see how you glaze them.

  2. They look great~ I love a good stamping ;)

  3. How wonderful that you have finally been able to put them to creative works. I look forward to the glazed turn outs of these plates. ;-)


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