Monday, April 11, 2011

road trip home from NCECA

our last day in Tampa was so beautiful that we decided to take our time getting home.  after our tasty lunch at the Jerk Hut we drove to St. Petersburg to see some more exhibitions.  we were really excited to see the Chihuly Collection at the Morean Arts Center... neither on of us had seen his work in person... it is even more spectacular than i had imagined.  the Morean Arts Center is on the waterfront and it was a pleasant walk back to our car.  there were some cool banyon trees in the park across the street.

these trees are great inspiration for clay sculpture... jeff was very intrigued by them and i wouldn't be surprised to see them turn up in his work.
when we left St. Pete we drove as far as Georgia and spent the night.  the next day we decided not to hurry home and took a drive through Savannah.  Savannah is a beautiful city and we really want to go back and spend a weekend there...

the architecture, squares, parks and gardens of Savannah, are what this northern girl always imagined the south to be!


  1. Did you ever read the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil? If not, it takes place in Savannah, really fun book to read. Looks like you guys have had a good rest and ready to make lots of inspired work!

  2. Those banyan trees are so cool, I love all the tropicalness down that way just the hours drive from here makes a big difference in the plant materials, I wish we had moved closer to there. You can always come back and stay here for longer next time, the pool is warm enough to swim in now.

  3. Have your read "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"??? I am guessing not because you will really want to spend time in Savannah! I so want to go back having read it after our trip down there!

  4. oops, didn't read Tracey's post first!

  5. tracey & jennie... i saw the movie "midnight in the garden of good and evil" and had the book on my reading list back in the day, but never got to it. i really should read it. i have friends that bought a house a few years ago with a very bizarre garden in the backyard (lots of statues etc...) and i dubbed it the garden of good and evil :-)


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