Thursday, May 5, 2011

Elaine Fuller, Red Door Pottery... #3 in my NHPG Series

Elaine Fuller is a fellow NH Potters Guild member as well as a juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen.  Her studio is called Red Door Pottery and is located in beautiful Kittery, ME.  Elaine hosts Salon Nights at her studio each month.  It is always an enjoyable evening of poetry reading and music.  She also serves coffee and tea in handmade cups and mugs and offers them for sale during these events. A portion of the proceeds going to worthy causes, such as the local food pantry or hospice group.  As in the last two posts in the series I asked Elaine the same questions and here are her responses...

How long have you been making pots and what got you started in pottery?

In 1978 when my high school sister-in-law was living with us in our apartment in Worcester , Mass. I needed some time for myself. From the days of watching the potter's at Sturbridge Village I was intrigued with pottery.  I was able to enroll in a pottery class at the wonderful Worcester Center for Crafts, Charlene Weisberg was my teacher. From the first day on the wheel I was hooked. Every chance that I could I took workshops, the first one with Gerry Williams, classes at Wesleyan Potters in Middletown CT, studied at Wesleyan University under Mary Risley and eventually after a 10 year hiatus for child rearing began teaching and selling my work. Pottery has been my more than full time occupation since 1996.I feel so lucky to be able to spend my days pursuing my life's passion.

Who or what inspires you the most and how is it incorporated into your work?
I love the pots of Brother Thomas for the sheer spirituality of the work. I am inspired by the faculty at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, Karen Orsillo, Maureen Mills, Chris Archer and John Baymore for their breadth of knowledge, skill and generosity. 

Clay body?
 Laguna 66, 45, 75 

 Firing method? 
Cone 6 oxidation AND pit firing at the beach!

 What is your favorite pizza? 
The only pizza I like is homemade pizza, whole wheat crust with lots of veggies... white pizza with clams and garlic is another treat.

The best place to see my work is in my gallery space where I also feature the work of the League members from KitteryThe Red Door Pottery Studio, Kittery ME

And also my work can be found:
League of NH Craftsman shops in ConcordMeredithHanover and Nashua:
Exeter Fine Crafts, ExeterNH:
Tulips, Market StreetPortsmouthNH
The Shop at Wesleyan Potters, MiddletownCT:
Guilford Art CenterGuilfordCT:


  1. Great pitcher with attitude and love those pears. I have a tiny Webber BBQ (got out of my neighbors trash recently coulnd't see it being thrown away) and was thinking of doing a smoke firing in it, seeing those pears may spur me on.

  2. Hey, I think that puffer fish below would be good suspended from a leather cord - maybe a hanging tooth brush holder or a straw holder or a, who knows what, I like him. Ha.


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