Monday, May 9, 2011

time crunch...

it's been a busy week with not much time to blog... we fired the gas kiln on friday, unloaded it last night and immediately started to load it again.  jeff will fire it today, while i work at the Co-op gallery in town.

i thought i would share a little glaze trick...  jeff created a box lined with a plastic bag for me to glaze my slump molded pieces in...

the plates are too large to fit into the 5 gallon pail of glaze and i wanted to glaze them 1/2 robins egg and 1/2 wheat with an overlap in the center which should turn slightly purple. the two buckets on either side held the narrow box upright and steady.

my glaze was also running low which was another reason that my container needed to be narrow

i have to admit that i can be a little lazy. i don't like to go through the trouble of pouring glaze into creative containers that pots will fit into and then having to wash them out after!  we have a large, plastic trash can size container for shino which is great for large pots.  there just isn't room in the studio for more containers that size.

this will be another crazy, busy week. jeff and i head to NH in the big yellow school bus at the end of the week... we will empty the last storage unit in NH.  i hate to see what our fuel costs will be.  the price of diesel is around $4 gallon here in NC and it is probably more up north. on the bright side - with the storage unit gone it will be less money going out the door each month!


  1. What a great tip on glazing, I hope your trip up north and back is uneventful and smooth.

  2. the jeffy and Meesh express! Travel safe :)


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