Friday, May 20, 2011

mission accomplished

today we completely emptied jeff's storage unit and loaded it onto the gypsy potter school bus. it was a relief to be done with paying for storage. we also packed more glaze materials and odds and ends from the studio i had shared with john in northwood. it still feels good to be in that space even though things look very different there. gloria who owns the building and gallery is no longer renting out the space and is using it to store merchandise. she is always so welcoming when we are there and we feel at home. the studio had it's issues (no running water) but it has a long history of potters... and i feel honored to be the last to occupy the space.

our studio space was on the left... john and i had a nice long work table under those two windows... but most of all, as i have said before, i will miss the door...
the door was signed by all of the potters who either worked there or spent some amount of time visiting over the last 25 + years... i wish i could take that door with me.


  1. What a great looking building! You should have a print made of the door photo, very touching, I teared up a little looking at it.

  2. in loss, we have gain.

    I have just lost my Man.
    I see so much that he has given us all.
    They will be forever in our hearts, and would be glad to see us moving on and doing well.

  3. don't take the doors take the memories- they are easier to pack.

  4. very wise advise meredith! someone suggested i ask gloria if i could replace the door and take it with me. it really belongs where it is, it has a history and i think it would lose it's meaning if it was moved.

  5. what a great building, safe trip back.


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