Thursday, May 26, 2011

new signs, new website... hurry shoppers!

we have a great location for a pottery... we are right on the Pottery Highway (705) and the only down side is that the speed limit is 55 mph. we were psyched when the highway department put up this sign a couple of weeks ago...

i am hopeful that this will slow traffic down a bit and make it easier for customers to turn into our lot.  many times when i have slowed down to turn left into our driveway i have noticed that the car behind starts to pass me... even with my blinker on!
our other tactic to get people to stop was to purchase this HUGE open flag...
it's a little tacky but you can see it from quite a ways down the road... i will draw the line at dressing in a clown suit and waving to passersby!

i spent a good part of yesterday creating a web page for our Gypsy Potters domain. i used the iWEB app on my macbook. creating the site was reasonably straightforward. the tricky part was we decided to host it on jeff's existing site since he has tons of extra space and it would save money. after eating up most of today we finally got it up and running... check out the link below:


let me know if you find any missing links or misspellings. i already found and corrected a page with some gibberish left behind from the template, hopefully i didn't miss any others!


  1. spelling is fine...and so is the website!

  2. website looks great! One small thing I noticed is that I had to look around just a tiny bit for your blog link. You have a great blog, maybe that could be more prominent? It wasn't that hard to find though...
    I have been thinking about doing this, I also have Iweb, how do you find out how much this costs?
    Love the shot of your studio!

  3. Tracey - Jeff mentioned the blog thing too... i am going to work on that some more. as for costs... i looked into macs mobileme service which makes uploading simple. the drawback is it isn't cheap and there were lots of other features that i wasn't interested in. is inexpensive for purchasing domains and the hostiing is reasonable too. they will host your site for as little as $4.99/mo. i was going to use that but since jeff told me there was plenty of room on his site it seemed silly to pay any extra. the only thing is, you will notice that jeffbrownpottery shows up in the gypsy potter web address. i am not sure if that will affect our web search ranking... time will tell.


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