Monday, August 22, 2011

new acquisitions

it's hard not to do a craft show and not buy or trade for things. we came home with this beautiful hand blown wine glass by Alex Kalish. we were going to get two but i have a bad reputation for breaking glasses... safer to let jeff use this one and i will stick to the cheap glasses or better yet pottery!


  1. that glass is beautiful, but my eye went to the bowl behind it, I just can't help myself.

  2. I first looked at that glass and thought ooooh I want one, then I remembered how many glasses we have broken around here! It's so beautiful though. We now drink wine out of pottery, lasts longer....

  3. the large bowl behind the glass is Richard Aerni... it's beautiful. we have two platters of his as well... we have those hanging on the wall. to the right of the Aerni is a John Glick bowl, also one of my favorites.
    i am just terrible with glassware... i had a set of waterford martini glasses and now i am down to one. pottery holds up better in this household!


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