Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snowtober in NH

this is what we woke up to TODAY...

Arianna peeking out at the snow this morning...

deck furniture, Jeff and my sister were out there grilling while it snowed last night...

today Jeff is teaching a raku workshop here in Wolfeboro... i think we should call it snoku.


  1. Wow, you guys are right on the edge of the power outage in southern NH. Looks like it goes right to the edge of Winnpesaukee!
    Frosty here at 32 this morning, but busy weekend in Seagrove!

  2. glad to hear the weekend was busy. we have had a friend keeping our shop open on Fri, Sat. & Sun.
    i hope it warms up by the time we get home!

  3. old man winter came in ferouciously, not sure of that spelling, but you know what I mean, pretty to look at, but I don't like shoveling, breezy and cool here, but sunny.

  4. Just one more reason why I do not live nearer family in the New Hampshire/Vermont area. It's pretty but not what I want to handle in October!

    Our little frosting was minor, except for icy roads which many people refuse to consider. It's supposed to go down to low twenties tonight. Frantically finishing winterizing the pool and pulling the pump. The fish in the pond are nowhere to be seen.

    I like 'snoku'! :)

  5. Please don't bring that back here!! I have had some great results doing raku in the snow, have fun!

  6. The snow photos are lovely. It is funny how that white cold stuff can still bring a smile to the face (well, the first snow fall can anyway!!). "Snoku" sounds great. Plunging red hot pots into a snow drift would be a spectacular part of such an event!

  7. Well, you guys have fun in the snow. We're heading south to Florida!


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