Saturday, November 12, 2011

and the bad news is...

the big pot's rim blew off in the bisque kiln...

jeff thinks it was a "clay malfunction". you can see how there are some swirls of different colors in there. he made this pot with recycled clay, so it was a mix of everything we have been using over the last year.
it was a clean break and he is going to try re-attaching with sairaset (sp?) bisque firing again and then wood firing it.

the GOOD news is...

we loaded the gas kiln and jeff fired it yesterday while i worked at the Co-op. we will load another bisque kiln today and fire the gas kiln one more time before the show next week. while the gas kiln fires it will be raku time... which i still think of as a play day.

and flowers are still blooming outside the gallery...

happy weekend everybody!


  1. lovely, lots of firings!!
    The only flowers I have left are lavender,you're lucky.

  2. flowers! wow :) good luck with the repair....

  3. That is a strange break I can see the differet colors and never heard of that repair stuff you're talking about curious about it. I guess the really big ones like that are worth repairing for sure.

  4. I'm suffering Extreme Flower Envy. The only thing we have blooming are a few Montauk Daisies and some petunias by the fish pond.

    What a complete downer to have the pot blow! Did you hear it go or find it upon the kiln opening?

    I don't know if this will work as I have only tried it at ^04, but I have had very good luck with the following: Mix Karo and vinegar one to one; mix in a few sheets of toilet paper (I use a thin tissue type) and enough of your finely pulverized raw clay body to make a thick paste. It works best if it ages for a day. I have attached bisque handles and repaired cracks with this. It does have to be rebisqued. You probably want to experiment before trying it on the big pot.

    Good luck!

  5. I'm interested in seeing how the bowl looks after the repair. Do show us pictures please.


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