Friday, December 9, 2011

the giant fun factory machine

While the bisque kiln was firing and before we started to glaze, I felt it would be a good time to pug many months of two potter's clay scraps. When I turned the pugmill on it made a horrible sound... I quickly turned it off. Jeff heard the noise and said he hoped it just needed grease.

Seagrove Hardware had lithium grease and in no time I was back to work. Luckily, grease was all it needed. She's an old Bluebird pugmill and I was a little worried!

when all was said and done i pugged about 200 pounds of clay... thankfully my arm didn't fall off.
... I love seeing all this freshly plugged clay, makes me want to get back to throwing pots!


  1. Lithium grease, cool; How do you keep it staying fresh and soft, wrap it up real well?

  2. Hi Linda, I filled two large rubbermaid totes (that i keep near my wheel), covered them with dryer cleaner plastic and put the lid on and the pile behind the pug mill gets wrapped in a double layer of plastic. Some potters like to let it sit and age but I use the recycled clay right away.

  3. Sometimes I could do with a pugmill.

  4. OOOOOHHHH! A pugmill What I've always wanted.

    My word verification is 'presess' as in 'presess pugmill'.


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