Monday, December 5, 2011

strange visitors

Yesterday afternoon I busy throwing pots in the studio when I heard the gallery door open. I looked up from my wheel and saw a guy in a suit walk in... then two more suits behind him. My first thought was oh  no, it's a group spreading the word of their religion, how am I going to get rid of them without being rude? THEN I noticed they all had name tags and I thought detectives? Are they here to question us about something??
I said hello but wasn't too quick to get up from my wheel. They finally wandered down to the studio door and one of them asked if they could come in and watch. That is when they told me who they were...


Our studio is across the street from the Whynot Church. They were there for a funeral and where early, so they decided to come across the street. They watched me throw a couple of bowls and asked lots of questions about firing. They joked about one of them having a crematorium, how hot it got and could they fire pots in it?! The crematorium owner said it gets to about 1800 degrees - I told him he could only do low fire work. :o)
They didn't buy anything but it definitely was the most interesting thing that happened on a slow Sunday afternoon.


  1. Ha, ha, ha, Gary's father was a cemetary superintendent and Gary helped his father digging graves with a backhoe and worked in the crematory. There are so many interesting jobs out there. At the last flea market Gary was offered a job picking up bodies by a funeral director, but he declined, too hard on the back, but it was a good job if a person could get past the squeamishness of it all, Gary would have no problems, but alas the heavy lifting prevented his taking the job.

  2. You never know, you could get a few orders for urns

  3. Isn't it funny how several men in suits will make you nervous. I started thinking they were from the government. lol

  4. I was thinking "Uh-oh, some weird, unknown building code violation." Glad it was just visitors....and as gz said who knows,if the funeral home is aware of you and people want something beyond the usual stuff.....?


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