Tuesday, December 20, 2011

settling in

When we unloaded the kiln on Saturday morning I had to leave to work at the Co-Op of Seagrove Potters as soon as we were done. I didn't really get a good look at the pots until the next day. 

When I first saw these shino and ash glazed mugs coming out of the kiln I wasn't crazy about them. After handling them, and taking pictures, I have decided that I REALLY  like them! Sometimes you need to spend some time with your pots to appreciate their beauty.

The sugar jar pigs are fun and can also double as "salt pigs"... the woman who placed the custom order was very happy.

I like this shot from behind!

These are listed on Etsy, it may be too late for Christmas shipping but isn't it always nice to shop for yourself?!


  1. Goodness, that mug is absolutely beautiful, what a stunner! Looks like you've got a bit of micro crystalline stuff happening there too (trust me to notice that!!). Great to see how shino can be used in so many ways, I've personally found shino can be lovely under copper reds and a chun blue glaze. Love the pig!
    Happy Christmas!

  2. i think the crystals happened because I had also sprinkle wood ash on the shino before dipping in the ash glaze.
    We like the shino under the copper reds too. Jeff had some nice pieces in that combo in this firing as well.

  3. Yes, that cup is wonderful and a most unusual color.

  4. Sometimes to like a piece a little distance is required to get rid of the expectations and appreciate the reality. The cup is gorgeous.....I would enjoy drinking from it. And the pig.....well....what is to be said about a pig? Bravo!


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