Monday, December 19, 2011

the rush is over...

The last pots for Christmas shipping went off to the post office this morning. It's a relief that everything was done in time. Last year we unloaded the kiln the morning before Christmas for a special order pick up. It feels like this year we are ahead!

There has been a long conversation about Etsy on one of LinkedIn's ceramic forums, concerning whether or not it was worth the time spent maintaining a shop there. There were lots of potters who felt it was a waste of their time. This year Jeff and I tried to keep active on Etsy. The site has made some changes to posting that has saved some time. We definitely increased our sales this year and I think we are picking up momentum. Jeff had a really and I mean REALLY good sale this month. All in all we feel it's worth the time. It put money in our pocket that we wouldn't have had if we weren't on Etsy.

We are going to enjoy a slower pace this week. The shopping is done, the tree is up and we are staying in North Carolina for the holidays. Next month I have plans to fly to Connecticut and spend a long weekend with Danielle. She moved to New Haven in November and I am excited to see her new place.
It will be a fun girly weekend... maybe we will take the train into NYC for a day! I will miss seeing her on Christmas, as well as my parents and siblings.

I am ending this post with a couple of random Christmas photos...

My favorite Christmas tree ornament... was my Dad's when he was a little boy in Canada... it was one of a set of three. My sister and one of my brothers each have one. My daughter thinks it's scary! I will be sure she inherits it one day (along with my great grandmother's ugly platter).

When I was little I couldn't wait for this santa to come out of the box and be put in his place of honor under the tree. My parents bought it the year my brother was born (1955). I ended up with it because no one else in the family cared about him. I definitely won't plug him in and leave the house... don't quite trust something electrical that is 56 years old!!! 


  1. Nice to hear you are still sold on etsy, I am thinking that I may give it one more shot next year, I didn't plan well for it at all this year. I love the Christmas shots, I have one last glass ornament that was on our tree when I was a little girl, the rest were broken years ago. I like the ornament, but I may have to agree on the scary aspect of it :)

  2. Love the tree photos Tracey. I have a few ornaments that belonged to my grandmother that have to be about 100 years old; and they are treasures that I hope to pass to our daughter one day.

  3. Charming and nostalgic photos, have a relaxing time and a merry xmas.

  4. Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a very prosperous New Year!!
    We hope the kiln opening was a success for you. Maybe you can get a little break from the wheel over the holidays.


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