Friday, January 6, 2012

back to work

I was ready for work yesterday after the break on Wednesday. I had a bunch of pasta bowls and one large bowl that were slipped and ready to carve. It was about 50 degrees outside, therefore easy to keep the studio at a good working temperature.

I enjoy carving designs through slip but it can get tedious when you have a dozen bowls and as many tumblers to carve. I broke the work up by finishing the tumblers on Tuesday before our day off. Yesterday I worked on the bowls for about 7 hours straight, until 8:00 pm. I think I have three left to finish today.
When I went to bed last night, I spent the first few hours dreaming those monotonous, repetitive, go nowhere dreams, about carving bowls. Those darn bowls wouldn't leave my head!!! When they finally left I had a strange dream that involved working for a corrupt circus... something about you weren't aloud to perform unless you had an X tattooed on your back... and one of the female trapeze artists performed without the X and she was now in grave danger... I woke up before anything bad happened.
I think I will finish those last few bowls EARLY today and get them out of my head before bedtime.


  1. And I thought I had strange dreams, what doozey that was.

  2. You and me and the crazy dreams this week!
    I love the shape of that bowl, it's just inviting a big serving of good food to come sit in it :)

  3. The effort looks well worth it. Those designs are nice...


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