Saturday, January 7, 2012

working together

Jeff made a whole bunch of mug bodies the other day and gave them to me to do as I pleased. I decided to brush the bottom halves with white slip and carve my flower design into them. Jeff likes to know how much time it takes to complete things so I set the stop watch on my iPod to see how long it took to draw the flower design and carve it... on average it was about 14 minutes. I am sure Jeff knows how long it takes him to throw the bodies but I didn't time myself on pulling handles (I probably don't want to know!).
The plan is to glaze these with shino inside and to the start of the design on the exterior and either the glossy green or blue glaze below. I didn't think I would enjoy working on collaborative things but have found that I quite enjoy it. We have a stamp with both our symbols for these pieces... when we are old (or dead) and famous, these pots with be highly collectible and will be seen on Antiques Roadshow... the owners will *gasp* at the value and run home to add a rider to their homeowners insurance!! Can you tell I have watched many episodes?

It was a pleasant day in the studio, we had the doors open since it was nearly 70 degrees outside. The warm weather brought in a good number of customers for a January weekend. In between the mugs and the customers, I took advantage of the warm air and rinsed off all the clay covered towels and aprons with the hose. This is a chore I don't usually get done in winter. It felt like a bonus and a good excuse to be outdoors. I could get used to these kind of winters!


  1. I hope to find something to sell on antiques roadshow that's worth millions even thousands right now so I can travel in style. ha. your collaborative mugs are great.

  2. Lovely designs on those mugs. You should put a couple in our wood kiln.

  3. Michael... I would love to put a couple in your wood kiln, just tell me when! slip work looks best in wood or wood/salt.

  4. Collaborations can be totally satisfying...a case of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

    Don't we all dream of finding the dollar pot at a yard sale that turns out to be worth thousands?

  5. I LOVE your mugs - they are very inspiring! Can't wait to see what they look like after they're glazed!

  6. Awesome mugs! I never know how much time it takes to do any chore either. Clever use of technology in the studio!


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