Thursday, January 26, 2012

where does the time go?!

Jeff and I have filled the last few days getting all those behind the scenes things done that it takes to run a pottery business. Third quarter sales taxes (me), grind shelves (Jeff), pack a big order, tweak websites and take photos.

We are shipping more pots in recent months, between Etsy, wholesale etc and we have spent some time exploring the least expensive options. We use Fedex for large boxes, pay online and schedule a pick up. Etsy orders typically have gone out USPS. In the last month I have started to use USPS online. Perhaps everyone else knew this (I didn't), it is usually cheaper than bringing it in to the post office. I use the "print a shipping label" button on Paypal and then you choose USPS as your carrier. Many times Priority is less than standard mail. You can also schedule your carrier to pick the parcel up at your location. I can tell you that it's not always reliable... last week the post office sent me an e-mail that said my parcel was picked up but there it sat on the front porch of the gallery! Luckily the post office is a short drive and I got in the car and brought it to them. With the talk of closing small post offices we don't know how long we will have a local branch. I think right now it was voted that no closures would take place for at least another six months. If we lose our post office, carrier pick up for packages will make our life easier. For now I don't mind a trip into town... you can chat with the clerks and maybe run into other potters and do some catching up.

Daffodils in January... just doesn't seem right

This mild weather sure has made January fly by... no complaints from here!


  1. ... we have also wasted a few hours playing Angry Birds.
    our new addiction.

  2. I don't know why the post offices all across the country don't close one week day a week, like a Monday. that would save a bunch of money and they wouldn't have to keep raising postage and close offices completely.

  3. I agree Linda, I think we could do without Saturday mail delivery - and the post office is only open until noon so why bother. I think most people could work around that... larger post offices have self service centers open 24 hours.

  4. daffodils! I just walked around the corner to our PO, as I do at least once a day with orders. Holy cats it is the most awesome thing, but is due to be closed soon, although put off again...and again....

  5. I also use USPS and use the online service. We have a local PO too and drop off our boxes there- it's just two doors down, pretty convenient. Not sure how much longer ours will survive either.

    I cannot believe you have daffodils already coming up!!! It has been a weird weather year, that's for sure.

    Resisting Angry Birds- though everyone I know plays it too :)


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