Friday, March 2, 2012

Chasabal (Korean Tea bowl)

I promised some photos of Jeff's tea bowls for the competition he was invited to participate in. He had quite a few nice ones from this last firing.

This is Jeff's interpretation of the Chasabal...

Here is one in the traditional style, but with Jeff's faceting technique...

I like the first one a lot and my favorite is the second. A Chasabal is quite large (14 -15 cm wide) and the second one feels so good to hold in your hands.
Send good energy Jeff's way... the winner of this exhibition goes to Korea for a couple of weeks!

see more of Jeff's work here.


  1. I hope Jeff gets to go to Korea, but being invited to enter is wonderful too.

  2. gorgeousness! I'd say jeffy has a good chance :)

  3. I know someone that went to Korea and loved it. I hope Jeff gets to go and loves it too.

  4. They are very beautiful, fingers crossed"

  5. Hopefully the Korean jurors aren't offended by my "interpretative" designs of their "traditional" Tea bowl form.
    The first tea bowl is influenced more by Japanese Chawan...


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