Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Acquisition

John Glick butter dish

Jeff brought this home from the NC Potter's Conference. John Glick was one of the presenters. We both really like Glick's work and have a few of his pots.

I am handling the Glick butter dish with great care.

I have been on a breaking spree lately. I have recently broken a bowl, sake cup, tumbler, martini glass, and just the other night TWO mugs fell out of the cabinet while I was putting some away. My track record with butter dishes is not good either. Right now I have resorted to using a Pfaltzgraf covered butter tub and of course that probably wouldn't break even if I tried.

I have declared that the breakage curse is now over... it's safe to take out your good dishes and invite me over for dinner.


  1. I love John flicks work, I worked with a girl in Durham that interned at his place and she could glaze like a mad woman, she learned so much from him. I like the butter dish choice!

  2. Meant to say Glick, my iPad spell checked for me:) Grrrr....

  3. a fellow NH potter also did an internship with flick, I mean Glick (ha ha, couldn't resist). I have a little bowl that he made that looks exactly like Glick's glaze technique. I am happy to report that he now makes really cool tiles with clay and melted glass that look nothing like Glick's.

  4. You are so fortunate to be in the area of all these wonderful potters. It's a beautiful dish and I wish it many, many years of service to you ;)

  5. Jeff is so fortunate that he got to go to the conference. Beautiful dish, great choice.

  6. beautiful dish, I tend to break things in spurts too, usually when I am rushing around trying to do too many things at once. I too am envious of all the pottery events in your state.

  7. I volunteered at registration desk at the gallery where the exhibition was. Ii got to examine all of the work and make my selections on the first day.
    I got to take a camera full of photos of the presentations, and the pots in the gallery....I'll do a blog post soon...my Second post for this year!


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