Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thrown and Altered Forms

I finally got a chance to look at some of the pictures and videos from the workshop that Jeff did in Merrimac, MA more than a week ago. We don't have a video camera, iPad, or smart phones, so I experimented with using my camera. I quickly learned that my camera card can't hold much video and that we really need to invest in either a flip video (which will not be available much longer) or an iPad. The flip video is less expensive so it may be the way to go for now. I would love some opinions on video cameras etc. and your experiences using them.

I also have no clue how to edit these videos and for now I don't have the time to figure it out! In the meantime, take a look...

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  1. These are really great videos as they are the reality of clay. I think I said last year I'd learn how to do a video and haven't so far, maybe this year/. I think Ang is the guru of videos and aspire to even come slightly close to hers some day.


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