Monday, March 19, 2012

notes from the gypsy potter's journal...

What a great trip we are having! I should have some pics and maybe a short video from Jeff's workshop this weekend but we haven't had a chance to look at them yet. The days have been long and exhausting, but that means we have slept well. Today was the first day we were able to sleep in. No work for us today. It's a visiting day with friends and family and a night out in our favorite city, Portsmouth, NH, to celebrate Jeff's birthday. It's perfect timing that his b-day falls on jam night at the Dolphin Striker and Jeff will get to play some blues with old friends.

It was cold and overcast when we arrived in NH, but yesterday the weather was unusually warm for March. Almost 80 degrees! This morning I was surprised that there was still a little ice hanging on in the cove here at Bow Lake...

Yesterday I dropped Jeff off at the workshop and drove to Durham, NH for a NH Potters Guild meeting. It was the annual pot swap and I was psyched to come home with a space mug by my good friend Steve Cunliffe...
 The meetings was very well attended, in part because everyone loves to visit at Jane Kaufmann's. She is one of the sweetest women I know and visiting her home & studio is a treat. If it were up to me should would be named NH's living treasure! She just finished a book about her life's journey in the art world. I can't wait to get a signed copy. It should be out in June of this year. I wanted to take pictures at the meeting but spent so much time catching up with everyone that the camera never made it out of the bag. I love North Carolina, but days like yesterday make me feel a little (just a little!) homesick. The good news is, that I brought some Seagrove maps and I think we may get a few potter friends to take a road trip in the fall!

It's creeping up on 11:00 am and I should probably get dressed for the day! Briar (above) and I have been hanging out together this morning while Jeff continues to catch up on some ZZZZ's.
Happy Monday!


  1. I hope I get a chance to get up there this year, that mug is sweet and so is the dog and the lake, so beautiful and 8o yikes, sounds like a wonderful time cant wait to see the video.

  2. Have fun tonight, I hope Jeff is enjoying his birthday.

  3. Hi Michele! Sounds like a great visit and you did happen upon our wonderful early spring/summer weather :)


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