Friday, May 11, 2012

images from MunGyeong

Jeff is slowly awakening from his travel coma and I am getting some photos out of him...
Courtyard in the MunGyeong festival grounds

 Psychedelic beetle

Walkway to the festival entrance. Jeff's hotel was nearby the site and they were able to walk there everyday. 

 Jeff cooked us a Korean style meal the other night... grilled pompano fish, rice, kimchi, along with other little sides of tofu strips and veggies.

On the studio front... I finished a couple of goblets. It's been a couple of years since I have made them. Once I got started I realized I should practice using stoneware before I make more in porcelain. I had a few that ended up in the scrap bucket. Next to the goblet is what I use for slip trailing. Clairol hair color bottles. So far it's what I have the best luck with, besides being inexpensive and long lasting (just like the hair color commercial says!).


  1. Yum! Great photos and what a nice goblet! I made a bunch of them long ago before I knew what I was doing, they were really nice but I ruined them in the glazing process. Enjoying the virtual travels with Jeff:)

  2. What a wonderful trip, the country side looks beautiful and that beetle is amazing, but the meal oh that looks so delicious.

  3. a startling beetle!! and a very elegant goblet


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