Wednesday, May 2, 2012

one Gypsy Potter travels to South Korea...

I was able to skype with Jeff this morning and he also e-mailed me some pictures. Although this one I took off of another participants facebook page. I can't give him credit because his name was written in Japanese. This is a group shot taken when they visited the Korean National Treasure. I believe his name is Mr. Kim. Jeff said he was 80+ in years and still out there firing a wood kiln.

They visited a Buddhist Temple in the country today. Jeff wanted me to see the rock sculptures. We spent a week at Ogunquit Beach in Maine a few years ago and encountered a large landscape sculpture of rocks, among the beach rocks, and this place reminded him of that vacation.

He was telling me this morning that the food vendors at the festival all serve mostly the same things, except some serve little fried bugs.  The brave participants that tried the bugs said they were icky.

Jeff says he won't be eating from the vendors that serve bugs.


  1. Love the rock sculptures, the bugs well I guess if I was starving. Ugh.

  2. No sense of adventure huh? LOL! I would have to agree with him about the bugs, mainly 'cause I've tried them before ( when I was young and adventurous). Glad he's enjoying his trip!

  3. Wow, 80 and still firing the kiln! That's inspiration ;)

    I love the Maine coast with all it's rocks too...and agree that his photos are reminiscent of that area.

    Yuk to the bugs, good choice to stay away!!!

  4. I read that the person who arranges those rocks studies for years before making the zen rock gardens. Just a fun fact to share.
    The 80 year old man firing the wood kiln is inspiring, He's proving that it's true about doing what you love keeping you healthy and happy.


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