Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tuesday at the Pottery

 I picked these in the early afternoon at Whynot Pottery, don't they look delicious?!
Thank you for sharing them Meredith.

Later in the day I unloaded the kiln. Overall it was a good firing. For the first time since building this small gas kiln we decided to put all the pots on one table, count them, and figure out the retail dollar value of each firing. Jz and I had done this with the big gas kiln in NH. It seems since we moved to NC we haven't had the opportunity to do this. It seems so funny to have all the pots fit on one table! When the big kiln was unloaded it seemed we hardly had room to move in the studio once the pots came out.
The plan for tomorrow is to finish pots in progress and then get some photographs of these new one. My Etsy shop is needing some fresh listings.
... but before any of that gets done, those blueberries will calling my name!


  1. wonderful blueberries and nice basket they are in, can't wait to see some closeups of the firing.

  2. Thank you for coming and picking- we love to share them with folks.
    Come back for more!

  3. Meredith has all those growing at her house, wow!

  4. guys get to hang out??!! I am jealous ;)
    The blueberries look fabulous and so do the pots~ all is good!

  5. Can't wait to see those pots up close!

  6. Really great idea to put the pots out and find their $$ value. I'm going to do that with my next firing. I may stick my head in the kiln afterwards, but it's a good idea :)

  7. Just got a hankering for blueberries, wonder why? Already have the hankering to make pottery! Thanks.

  8. Hi Michele...I like figuring the worth of a kiln load. You always have good and interesting posts.

    I've given you a sunshine award. There's no hurry....waiting until after NH is ok too.

  9. The blueberries and the pots look great.


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