Monday, July 22, 2013

A Visitor from a Far Away Island...

There has been something I have been wanting to tell you and I am finally getting around to it. Jeff and I are having a week long summer intern work in our studio this week and many of you know who he is...
Blogger and ceramic arts teacher Robert Young! Robert lives in Guam and has been visiting his family here in the states. Back in the winter we made plans for him to come and stay with us for a week. He is going to do studio work in exchange for lessons and some time to make pots. Robert was so anxious to come to Seagrove that he said he would be willing to sleep on the studio floor (he hasn't seen our studio floor!). Of course we said no way, you will stay in the house. Robert arrives tonight and I will keep you all posted on what's going on around here. If you haven't followed Robert's blogs here are the links:    This blog is about his ceramics class   This one is his personal pottery blog

On the home front, last night Jeff made Korean pancakes (pajeon).

They are cooked with scallions and other thinly sliced vegetables, and sometimes seafood. They were delicious. Unfortunately no photo of the finished product. I think I was too hungry and wanted to dig in. They are golden brown and thin, sort of a cross between crepes and the pancakes we eat for breakfast here. These are so easy to make, we bought the pancake mix at our favorite Asian market in Greensboro, Super G Mart.
Next time we are going to experiment with adding some shrimp. YUM!


  1. I've been following Robert Young's blog for a while now. This sounds like a good time for all.
    And a big YUM! for the pancakes!

  2. Oh how fun, Mr. Young in the states! Hope I can get down there for a quick hello.
    My next door neighbor is Korean and she made some of those pancakes the other day and brought them over. VERY spicy, but delicious. She grows her own Korean vegetables, no idea what she put in them, except for watercress. Really good!

  3. I had not seen his blog before (where have I been?) but it looks like you all are going to have a great time and learn from each other.

  4. How long will Robert be there; I've got to get down there?


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