Friday, September 13, 2013

loosen up

When i am making mugs to carve, I throw them pretty tight and straight. It makes the surface easier to work on. It's lots more fun to throw a loose mug body. I can just let go and enjoy the process, always keeping in mind that there is a fine line between loose and sloppy. These swirly mugs will be finished with a shino and ash glaze combination.

One week from today Jeff and I will be at Festival in the Park in Charlotte, NC. The info is in the side bar on the right. Crossing our fingers for great weather.


  1. Even unglazed they look playful and happy. You should have no trouble finding them homes.

  2. These look like they are ready to dance off the shelves!

    Toes crossed for an excellent week end!

    A certain mug was at the post office when we picked up the mail today. I'm so happy to have some ginkos on a mug. They are making a nice family with Jeff's mugs. And the kitty ornament!.....almost as chubby as KikiLaSois! Thank you for the quick turn around and all. I love using mugs made by potters I know.

  3. Lori Buff is right, the mugs all look "happy"! Isn't that a wonderful thing! I find that throwing loose is difficult for me, so I admire your skills.


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