Thursday, September 5, 2013

Put a lid on it

I really don't care to make lidded containers. I stress too much about whether or not the lids will fit. This year I am forcing myself to just do it. Practice makes perfect, right?

 Jeff wanted me to turn the jars into garlic keepers, but I decided they would just be small jars.

I unloaded the gas kiln yesterday morning, which means I have lots of mugs for our shop, the Co-op of Seagrove Potters, and Etsy! 


  1. I enjoy making lidded pots when I have the time. There is something enticing about all the possibilities that come when you buy a jar.

  2. Love how your carving looks when it's glazed...absolutely delicious!

  3. Like the jars and the casseroles too. I always try for that perfect fit with lids and sometimes it bites me.I know a 1/8 inch gap would be fine but for some crazy reason I still try for 1/16th.


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