Monday, November 18, 2013

Simply Elegant in White

 I am loving these pots of Jeff's glazed in only nuka. They remind me of snow in winter. The mug makes me want to fill it with hot chocolate. How about a table set for Christmas or Valentine's day with this dinnerware and red table linens? I am definitely keeping a mug for me!


  1. I love nuka and it works really well on those. Really lovely! One of my favorite pots is a Michael Hunt faceted bottle vase a with nuka glaze.
    Have you ever tried a couple of percent of copper in Nuka?I saw a sample of one a couple of years ago. I think Lee Love posted it on his group or web page at the time. It was a gorgeous green.
    Maybe one of these days I'll do some high fire oxidation and play with that combination. So many ideas and not enough time. :-)

  2. winter white, perfect for the season

  3. Lovely. Wouldn't the bowls sing in summer with a colorful fruit salad in them!

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